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The world's first-of-its-kind

Impact Hacking Knowledge Hub

Starting on March, 14th 2021


Lifetime advantages for the 50 first subscribers.

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Why is it unique ?

How does it work?

What the benefits?

How to subscribe?

Get the most of our unique Knowledge-as-a-Service 

The value is in everything you don't know. Sharing at scale knowledge and best practices from the most experienced global experts and top leaders are the only way to accelerate your Big Shift. Your upskilling process through intelligent, adaptative, interactive, personalized, and result-driven video Learning & Doing paths has never been so efficient for your career, business, and to contribute to the Climate Change mitigation.

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Why our hub is unique?

Our Knowledge-as-a-Service Hub is the world's first-of-its-kind SaaS video-assisted Knowledge Sharing Platform addressing companies' SDGs adoption, Impact Hacking and Sustainability Transformation. To make this hub unique, we mix different disciplines to create more impact and provide more added-value to our members. Corporate Sustainable Transformation has to be cost-effective, easier to deploy, more accessible and affordable to every company. Being fair giving back is also for us a great motivation supporting emerging markets start up and NGO. Discover how by becoming a member, you will also support them.

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    "If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determine to learn, no one can help you".

    Zig Ziglar
    ..and we can definitely help you !

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Why adaptative learning is a must?

Getting to know members' preferences and goals is the only way to make the learning path, efficient, interesting, and long-lasting. To provide value and create impact, each member has to be upskilled and empowered through a specific content program. Several assessments are done (first day, last day, L.D+7 & L.D+30 ) to evaluate knowledge retention and memory anchoring. We create different paths to fit each industry's requirements taking also into consideration, the member's level of experience. The activation of the 3 brains (EQ/IQ/XQ) is also a requirement to maximize the impact reasons why we provide different formats and a wide range of solutions to nurture, inspire, and increase your impact. 

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    "In 2025, we can expect the world to be completely digital. Paper book will be a think of the past. Education will be delivered through analytics-based assessment tools and adaptative learning platform".

    Osman Rashid, CEO of Convo
    We believe we can't afford to wait 2025. Let's create more impact now!

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Data is gold to make smarter decisions. 

Knowledge is King and Data is Gold. Mixing Knowledge, analytics and new technologies is the only way to track member's progress and measure every Hacktion's impact. By measuring the impact of every Hacktion, you will :● make better strategic choice● optimise your budget● increase your impact● identify the next new skills required to reach the next level● boost your power of influence and team commitment● convince more people to get enroll and contribute to your Big Shift. 
Natural language processing, AI, behavior & predictive analytics enable multidimensional assessment, interest identification and content recommendation as well as peers and experts matching.Learn, test, track, learn again, and improve again that's the way to build incremental impact. 

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    "The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insights"

    Carly Fiorina, ex-CEO Hewlett Packard
    Data will be our proves to show it worths it because it works !

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Why personalization matter?

Getting to know members' preferences and goals is the only way to make the learning-path, efficient, interesting, and long-lasting. Provide value and create impact imply every member to be upskilled and empowered through a specific content program. Align our Learning & Doing paths with your business goals, upskill, or reskill you far more effectively as compared to generic training. Every program is, therefore, uniquely tailored to your interests, behaviors, and goals. This personalization boosts learner's engagement shifting from a time-to-time learning model to an integrated lifelong learning process, generating continuous impact for the benefits of all.

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    "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning is young.

    Henry Ford Founder of Ford Motor Company
    This Decade is not only the Decade of Change. It is also The Decade of Lifelong Learning as the new norm.

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Just move step-by-step....but be in Hacktion !

Learning without execution will not exert any skill development nor impact. Our Learning & Doing Impact Hacking Knowledge Hub upskills you with pragmatic and efficient trainings designed by our team with the support of our global experts and top leaders. To keep you motivated and committed, it has to be short and straight forward to solve the problem targeted. This is the only way to be useful and highly leverageable. Convert and execute inspiring portfolios of micro-hacktions, business cases, or action plans to nurture, optimize and improve your Corporate Sustainable Strategy is the key to create more impact. 

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    "Ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just multiplier. Execution is worth millions."

    Steve Jobs - Founder & CEO Apple
    We do always agree with Steve.

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Why CCSG make a difference ?

Community, Challenges & Serious Games guarantee strong engagement, long-term commitment, a high level of members' interactions, and collective support. Learning must be fun, social, interactive, and participative because it brings collective emulation, social networking, and personal development. Our Learning paths are gamified with collective challenges and serious games sessions.
Applying for the hub, give access to the first Impact Hackers Slack Community. Get a chance to chat, meet, learn, and get support from members of our global online community. Always find someone able to help you, challenge your point of view or answer your questions.

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    "Gamification techniques strive to leverage people's natural desire for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism and closure."

    Gabe Zichemann, Co-Founder of Onward.World’s foremost expert and public speaker on the subject of gamification, user engagement and behavioral design.
    Like in a video game, let's start level 1 of Impact and learn to reach the next level.

Leverage our network

Be upskilled by best global experts & leaders

Our Knowledge paths are designed and run by experienced experts and top leaders. No Greenwashing guarantee.


Learn from the bestand make the best of it.

Talk to us !

Our hub is a collaborative platform. We build our learning & doing paths with you and for you, leveraging our network of global experts and top-leaders, to highlight the most advanced solutions and strategies. Find the knowledge paths you need to boost your career, accelerate your transition, achieve more impact, and acquire new skills. Helping you is our motto. Our impact is tied to your impact. Get the support you deserve to speed up the in-depth transformation of your organization.


Here is a list of our fixed-price plans suitable for any company and business.

PremiumSpecial Launch Only for the first 50 subscribers


per month (Excl. Taxes) Lifetime price*

Including: ●Video Knowledge Learning Paths● Templates, benchmarks, Hacktions database● Tutorials, Q&A● Challenges, Serious Games● Impact Hacking Slack Community membership

*Only if you are one of the 50 first subscribers and if there is no interruption of your monthly or annual subscription** Annual membership : 1 month free



per month (Excl. Taxes)

Including: ●Video Learning Paths● Templates, benchmarks, Hacktions database● Tutorials, Q&A● Challenges, Serious Games● Impact Hacking Slack Community membership

** Annual membership : 2 months free



per month (Excl. Taxes)

Including: ●Premium package● Monthly credits to book private consultations with the expert(s) you need● Dedicated Account Manager

** Annual membership : 2 months free

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